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Public transport services will be restructured, especially in the Winterthur area  

However, there are a number of additional changes in other parts of the canton. Check your connections starting as early as 15 November 2018.

New concept in the Flaachtal/Winterthur North area

The public transport services in and around Winterthur will be significantly restructured and expanded. Due to the two new routes 671 and 677, the Hettlingen railway station will become an additional hub for transfers to the S-Bahn trains. Especially the previous routes 670, 675, 676 and 677 will be subject to rerouting and significant changes.

New route 529 in the lower Tösstal

The new route 529 operates between Rorbas, Freienstein, Dättlikon and Pfungen. In Pfungen it connects with the S41 train in the directions of Winterthur and Bülach. Postbuses operate daily until midnight, every 30 minutes during rush hours and every hour otherwise.

New concept Eulachtal

Bus services in the region will change significantly and new postbus routes will be introduced.

The previous PostBus route 680 will have a new timetable and operate a different route. On the section Winterthur – Elsau, Dorf it will now operate every 30 minutes Mondays to Saturdays until 20.00 hours. Services in Winterthur will be accelerated and rerouted via Stäffelistrasse from now on.

The new bus route 681 operates daily from Elgg, Bahnhof (railway station) via Elgg to Hagenbuch.

The new bus route 682 operates from Elgg, Bahnhof (railway station) via Elgg to Girenbad. Bus services are available only on weekends, replacing the departures of route 680 for the leisure destination of Girenbad.

With routes 680, 681 and 682, departures between the railway station of Elgg and the town centre of Elgg will be available every 30 minutes until 20.00 hours.

New concept in the area Pfäffikon (ZH) / centre Tösstal

Various changes will go into effect, especially on the following routes:
During peak hours route 827 (Uster–Wermatswil–Fehraltdorf–Schrännenbrunnen) will now depart every 30 minutes. Passengers on route 835 (Pfäffikon–Hittnau–Bauma) benefit from the new hourly departures on Sundays, and route 806 Turbenthal – Itaslen will be extended to Dussnang. The new route 826 (Pfäffikon ZH–Russikon–Theilingen) replaces route 834 which has been eliminated.

Additional connections in the Zurich Unterland region

The most important changes in the Zurich Unterland region are the additional departures on routes 501 and 525 offering connections in Bülach with the new departures of the S3 train during peak hours. Additionally, various departure times and connections will change, especially from the airport.

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