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There are two essential reasons behind the changes scheduled for December 2018:   

the first regards the intention of the new City of Bellinzona to increase the offer in neighbourhoods north of the new municipality, specifically routes 62.191 and 62.193. The second regards the proposal of the Mobility Department to partially anticipate the Agglomeration Programme – Third Generation to be implemented in December 2020; these increases in the offer primarily regard lines in the Lugano and Gambarogno areas.

Due to railway construction work at Lake Zug through 2019, timetables for various trains will be modified, and as a result, the schedules of several of our routes will be promptly adapted all over Ticino to ensure the uninterrupted transport chain.

62.191 Airolo–Bellinzona

Service on this line on the Bellinzona–Claro section will be increased with the addition of another trip every 30 minutes between Bellinzona Stazione and Claro Ponton during the Monday-Friday workweek (from 05:30 to 21:00 from Claro and from 06:30 and 20:30 from Bellinzona).
Furthermore, six pairs of trips on the Bellinzona–Claro line will take a new route that passes through Claro neighbourhood serving five new stops.
Important: the last evening run on Fridays and Saturdays will be postponed by 10 minutes as of 09.06.2019 in order to continue guaranteeing connections at Biasca Stazione following the modification of train timetables due to railway construction work at Lake Zug.
Valid from: 09.12.2018

62.193 Bellinzona–Iragna–Biasca

This line’s workweek Monday-Friday offer will be increased along the Bellinzona–Moleno route with the addition of a trip every 30 minutes between Bellinzona Station and Moleno (from 07:00 to 21:00 from Bellinzona and from 05:30 to 21:30 from Moleno).
Furthermore, weekend and holiday service will also be increased with the offer of a trip every hour between Biasca and Bellinzona both Saturday and Sunday.
Valid from: 09.12.2018

62.326 Magadino–Indemini
62.328 Ranzo–S. Abbondio/Scaiano
62.329 S. Antonino–Cadenazzo–Magadino–Dirinella
62.330 Magadino–Gerra (Gambarogno)

These lines have all been reorganized: The S. Antonino – Dirinella main line will permit transfers at Cadenazzo with the S20 railway line to and from Locarno. This reorganization led to changes in all the other routes in order to guarantee connections with the coastal line. In anticipation of the changes in offer to become valid with the implementation of PALoc3, the route 62.329 and 62.330 Sunday and holiday timetables have been increased.
Valid from: 09.12.2018

62.421 Ponte Tresa–Luino

For an improvement of the offer and in anticipation of the changes foreseen in PAL3, this line has been increased with the addition of six new pairs of trips that guarantee bus-train connections at both Luino and Ponte Tresa FLP stations.
This is possible thanks also to the extension of the 12/130 tariff zone to Luino.
Valid from: 09.12.2018

62.446 Taverne–Ponte Capriasca–Tesserete

This route has been completely restructured to meet the needs of commuters in the Tesserete and Ponte Capriasca area by making the Taverne–Torricella station a bus-train transfer hub. The new route - already partially envisioned in PAL3 – will serve Taverne–Ponte Capriasca–Tesserete with seven new pairs of trips during the Monday-Friday workweek (from 06:00 to 19:30).
Valid from 09.12.2018


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